About Us

SAVAARA is on a mission to change how publishing works. We're here to support writers in earning a living and having the creative space they need. At the same time, we offer readers a unique chance to become part of the stories they love by investing in new books. And for investors, it's an opportunity to be directly involved in the success of these stories.

SAVAARA is more than a website; it's a new kind of marketplace aimed at making the publishing world better for everyone. Our goal is clear: to create a fairer, more transparent, and beneficial experience for writers, readers, and investors. Join us and be part of making publishing fair for all.

Meet Our Team

  • Ivan Topic

    Ivan Topic

    After publishing two books with a traditional publisher and recognizing its flaws, he began helping new authors to realize their own works and sought ways to keep the essence of the books with those responsible for them.

  • Jürgen Ebert

    Jürgen Ebert

    As a seasoned entrepreneur, economist and developer, he excels in crafting innovative web- and crypto-applications, backed by a strong foundation in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

  • Daniel Schmöltzer

    Daniel Schmöltzer



    He began a career-focused podcast at 19 and founded a business podcast agency at 21. Later, he diversified into publishing and gastronomy, also volunteering as a paramedic, merging entrepreneurship with social commitment.

  • Florian Wimmer

    Florian Wimmer



    Co-founder of Blockpit AG, Florian's background in marketing and software engineering, coupled with his profound knowledge in blockchain and regulation, is crucial to realizing the vision of SAVAARA.