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    Pre-order the standard edition of the books you're most excited about. Think of it as crowdfunding for literature—your purchase guarantees the book's publication.
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    Choose this path to give authors the direct financial boost they need to bring their stories to life.
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Pioneer Edition

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  • Exclusive Collector's Editions
    Dive into the exclusivity with only 100 special editions available per book—a true treasure for collectors.
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    With a starting investment of € 250 for a special edition, you're not just buying a book; you're investing in its future sales, opening doors to potential returns.
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    These aren't just any books; they're masterpieces with special covers and your own NFT
  • Yearly Author Interactions
    Secure your spot in exclusive online meetings with the author every year, a privilege reserved for special edition investors.
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    Use these sessions to engage in conversations, share ideas, and discuss the book and upcoming projects in depth.
  • Community Building
    Join a close-knit community of readers and authors, fostering deep connections and enhancing your investment and reading journey."